About Me


I’m a mother of 6.

I taught myself how to crochet when I was 12 years old because everybody I knew was right-handed and couldn’t teach me.

I am obsessive. Sometimes I’m compulsive. But I’m not obsessive-compulsive.

My favorite color is green. And pink. And turquoise.

I sometimes sing random songs that get stuck in my head.

I am left-handed and right-brained.

I collect frogs. And owls. And Yoda stuff. And kids.

I rarely stop moving.

Thunderstorms are pretty.

2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I absolutely love your amigurumi octopi—I’m working on my fourth one. 😀 but I was wondering—they always end up having a bump on the tops of their head. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks!!

  2. Hi.
    Wau so manny lovely Amigurumi pattern you make. I am crocheing Amigurumi for Danish hospitals, kids who is injured and koms to the imergency room, get an Amigurumi if they are werry sad, the nurses get a better result when the kids are more come. We have a facebook group called Skadestuebamsen where lots of people donates their Amigurumi to maney hospitals in Denmark. And we are always looking for new and funny Amigurumi.
    I just want to thank you for all the free and lovely pattern.

    Love from
    Conny Søgaard Nielsen

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