Pom Pom Party

I must admit, I love pom poms. I love making hats and putting pom poms on them, but I’m always wanting to do more with them. I decided this was a good time to do a post about all the things you can do with pom poms.

But first, let’s talk about making pom poms. The greatest thing about them, I think, is that anybody can make them. You don’t need to know how to crochet or knit to learn how to make pom poms. And there are so many different ways to make them too.


You can buy yourself some pom pom makers like these. They come in 4 different sizes for all of your pom pom needs. Is it possible to have pom pom needs? I think it is.

Personally, I own pom pom makers in many different sizes. But I’ve actually never used them. I don’t even know where they are. When I want to make a pom pom, I just look for something round. A soda bottle, a paint bottle, or…..my Yoda kaleidoscope.


It seems I use Yoda more than anything else when I’m making pom poms. It’s the perfect size, really. I wrap my yarn around it, then I pull it off of the kaleidoscope.

I put a piece of yarn underneath it and tie it tight around the middle.

Then I cut each side. Making sure not to cut the piece that I tied around it, I then fluff and trim the pom pom until it looks the way I want it to.


I use that long piece to attach it to hats.

There are lots of other ways you can make pom poms, and most of them don’t require you to purchase anything. This video on youtube shows 4 different ways of making pom poms, and you can do all 4 with items you have around your house.

Do you have a project that requires a lot of pom poms? There are a few different, inventive, ways to make pom poms in bulk, but I think my favorite is using a chair. This video gives a quick tutorial on how to do it, but I’m actually planning on having my boyfriend make me a tool to do this using wooden dowels and a 2×4. It would be much easier for me, and he likes to build me things.

If you want to make a lot of small pom poms, this video shows how to do it using a loom. I never would have thought to do this, but I have a few looms here (that I’ve never actually used) so I might have to give this one a try.

The great thing about pom poms is that it’s a creative way to use up those scraps of yarn you have laying around. You can wrap different colors in one pom pom to make rainbow ones, or to create a theme. Grab that extra yarn, make a bunch of pom poms, and throw them in a bin. Then next time you have an idea for a pom pom project, you already have them made and ready to go.

Now that you know how to make pom poms, let’s look at some neat ideas for things you can do with them.


The first thing I think of when I start talking about pom poms is making a pom pom rug. Me and my daughter had plans to each make one of these years ago. We bought the supplies, but then never got around to doing it. One of these days I swear I will. Go check out the instructions, including a video, for the one above on this site. And if you make one before I do, make sure you show me a picture. There are so many different types of rugs you can make.


This website shows how they made this adorable cloud pom pom rug. I love the idea of making shaped rugs using pom poms. You could cut your base into any shape really, but I think a heart would be really cute. Imagine sitting in a nice, comfy chair with some yarn in your lap, a hook in your hand, and your toes sunk into a fluffy pom pom rug. Seriously, I will make one of these eventually to go in front of my chair.


Pom pom wreaths are also very popular, and I love the way they look. This one from Joann’s uses a foam wreath form and hot glue, and I love the random fur pom poms that they threw in there. Now imagine this in pastels for a nice, spring wreath. You could also buy the wire wreath forms and tie the pom poms on instead of hot gluing them.

pom pom pillow-16

How about a pom pom pillow? This tutorial uses a simple pillow case and hot glue. I think something like this would look cute in a nursery.


Pom pom garland is pretty easy to make, and would look great hung around the house at Christmas time. Don’t limit yourself, though. Make some in other colors and hang it around as everyday decor. This site shows a few different ways of making pom poms, but they also show how to turn them into pretty garland.


Imagine how cute it would be to create your child’s name using wooden letters and pom poms. I found this idea on this site, and I really love it. I might have to incorporate this into the decor in my craft space when I finally get it decorated.


Ok, ok, I know that Christmas is over, but I feel like this tree could be used as decor all year long, depending on the colors you use. I love the bells they added in there, and the star at the top is cute. If you leave the star off, or put something else on top (a bird, maybe?) then it would make a nice spring decoration. Go check out this site to see how they did it.


Speaking of pom poms as everyday decor, check out how simple and elegant they look just glued to some sticks and put in a nice vase. I found this idea on this site, and I really love it. It would be a fun thing to make with the kids because you could go for a hike first to find the branches you want to use, then come home and make some pom poms and glue them on.

There are a lot of other things you could make with pom poms with your kids. These fluffy snowmen would be fun, or some little chicks to set around the house at Easter time. Or how about some Sesame Street characters? You could even add a keychain or zipper pull to the string that you use to tie the pom pom.

If you want some other ideas for things to do with pom poms, Adventures in Pompom Land and Pompom Crafts are 2 great books for under $10 each that you can purchase over on Amazon.

I hope you enjoyed this post! I really had to force myself to get off of Pinterest. There are so many neat ideas for things to do with pom poms, and I think I could have kept on browsing all day. Do you have any things you’ve made with pom poms? Have you seen some cool ideas that you want to try. Head on over to my Facebook page and tell me about it, or post a picture or link. I’m going to have a tub full of pom poms here soon that I’ll need ideas for.


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