Mom Cave

In August, we moved to Kuna, Idaho just south of Boise. It’s been a big adjustment since everybody we love (including half of my kids) are still back in Spokane. We’re slowly adjusting to life here, though. It’s much quieter where we’re at, in a small housing development south of town. It’s been great for me because I love country living, but my kids are very much city kids and are having a harder time getting used to the quiet.

Our new house is amazing. It’s so much bigger than our old house, and the best part for me is my Mom Cave. It’s been a long time since I’ve had my own crafting space, so I’ve had a lot of fun getting everything set up. I absolutely love seeing other people’s craft rooms, so I took lots of pictures to share of my Mom Cave.

My room has double doors that lead to the living room, which makes it really easy for me to be a part of the house even when I’m working, but it’s also really easy for me to shut the doors when I need some quiet. I made this sign to hang outside of the door.




I’m so happy I’m finally able to use my cubbies to hold yarn, which is what they were intended for when I bought them. I have TONS of yarn….really, an obscene amount. So I went through and pulled out worsted weight yarn because it’s what I use the most, then arranged it by color in my cubbies. (The other tubs of yarn are stacked in my bedroom for now.)





I pulled out some of the finished projects that I’ve done to put on my shelves, and printed out covers of the ebooks that I’ve released to put in frames on the wall.






I made a wreath to hang on my door, and an “emergency case” inspired by Repeat Crafter Me to hang on the wall.




I set up my garden oasis by one of the windows….and a couple of imposters snuck in.





And, of course, I have a cozy place to sit and work on projects while I watch tv or stare out the window and daydream.







I finally got to put my project cart to use that I purchased from Michaels, and the rolling wheels made it really handy when we had movie night. I was able to just roll it out next to the couch to keep working while we watched Deadpool 2.


And I made myself a cozy blanket to cover up with when it gets cold.



There’s even a place for my assistant….


That’s Daisy. She’s 12 years old now, and she likes comfy places to lay down so I made her a dog bed out of Bernat Blanket Yarn. She’s been my shadow now for over a decade, so whatever room I’m in, she has to be in too. I’ve been moving the dog bed to my bedroom at night for her until I can find the time to make her another one. She really loves her fluffy pillow.


We have another dog who is in here all the time too, and now the cats have started creeping in. They love my big window.



I hope you enjoyed these photos of my Mom Cave. Do you have a space where you do your crafting? Head on over to my Facebook and show me some pictures or tell me about it!


2 thoughts on “Mom Cave

  1. Wow, your Mom Cave looks amazing! Congrats on the big move, it’s always so tiring during the process but looks like you and your family are slowly settling in. I don’t have a Craft Cave myself as I still have to work out life, but I hope to have one soon!

  2. That looks really cool! The colors are amazing and I have spotted some of my favorites! 😀

    I do have a craft cave, too but it’s far less organized.

    Happy crocheting from Virginia, ivonne

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