Elephant Graph Blanket


At the end of August, my daughter is going to be having a baby boy. She’s chosen the name Dax for him, which I love. Since my daughter collects elephants, she decided to collect giraffes for Dax. I decided to work up a cute elephant blanket for him to go along with the big giraffe one that I made, which I’ll be posting later. Originally, I was going to do these elephants in grey with a yellow background, but when I was looking at the baby yarn I just couldn’t resist these blues. I used Loops and Threads Snuggly Wuggly yarn in soft yellow, pale blue and cobalt. I love how this blanket looks, and I love even more how it feels. Because I love it so much, I thought I’d share the graph with everybody so you can all make it too. Here’s the graph I worked up and used for this blanket:


I did each elephant square using my modified version of the bobble stitch (it’s just a little less bobbley so it’s not quite as thick or stiff), but I think this would look really cute as a c2c blanket as well. After I did the 4 elephant squares, I used this alphabet that I created to design his name for the top:


I just used a single crochet to sew each piece together with the cobalt yarn.


Then I used all of the colors to create a trim. There are so many options for trims, but I just did a single crochet around the whole piece with the different colors, then created a scalloped edging in yellow.


This blanket will be perfect as fall will be approaching soon after he’s born. I can’t wait to wrap him up in it!


Using an H hook and baby yarn, this blanket ends up being approximately 27 inches across by 32 inches long. I would absolutely love to see it done in some other colors, so if you use this graph, go post a photo to my Facebook page and show me how it turned out.

6 thoughts on “Elephant Graph Blanket

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  2. It’s just like a regular bobble stitch, except I do 3 double crochets instead of 4 so it isn’t quite so thick.

  3. Where can I find the pattern for the sweet elephant ami that is sitting on the blanket?

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