Giraffe Blanket


All of my kids have an animal they collect. My oldest daughter collects elephants. She’s having a baby boy at the end of August, so she decided to collect giraffes for him, to go with her elephants. I found this cute giraffe made out of perler beads designed by Anja Takacs. She designs so many cute patterns that work well for graphgans, and this one was just too adorable to pass up. Check out her blog to see more of her lovely creations.

I had a hard time figuring out what type of yarn I wanted to use, but in the end I went with Caron Simply soft. It had the softness that I wanted, although it is a bit heavy for a bobble blanket. The colors I used were bone, sunshine, persimmon, chocolate, black and white. I haven’t tackled C2C blankets yet, but I think this would actually work much better as a C2C because it wouldn’t be quite as heavy. I used my modified bobble stitch to make this one, which just means I did 3 dcs instead of 4. The blanket is big enough for him to use it for a long time, and I love how it turned out.



I did a simple single crochet edging, then added some scallops to give it a fancier look.


I would absolutely love to see how this looks as a C2C blanket, so if you use this graph, or any of her other awesome graphs, go post a photo to my Facebook page and show me how it turned out.

3 thoughts on “Giraffe Blanket

  1. I would love to have the pattern but cannot find it anywhere. If you have the link, or the pattern, please email it to me…My first grandson is due in July and I would love to do this for him! Thank you so very much!

  2. Would love to have thos to try to make a C2C blanket. Could you e-mail it to me. Please

  3. Hi this is a beautiful pattern. Where can I get the pattern from Thsnk you

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