Ducks and Fish


My 1-year-old grandson is obsessed with ducks. He’s also recently started loving fish. I decided to design him a pillow and blanket set with ducks and fish. Here’s the graph that I worked up for this project:


It took me awhile to find the yarn that I wanted to use. I decided on Loops and Threads Snuggly Wuggly yarn in dark turquoise, silly sprite and yellow. I used Caron Simply Soft in black and white for the eyes, and I used Red Heart’s Anne Geddes Baby yarn in tangerine for the duck’s beak. I loved the color combinations. I used an H hook and worked each piece using my modified bobble stitch. This would also work great as a C2C blanket.


When I worked up the graph, I thought I would look for more of a green color for the background, but this dark turquoise was just too gorgeous to pass up. I used my alphabet graph to do his name at the top.


I sewed each piece together using a simple single crochet. When I pieced it all together, I didn’t have the graph open in front of me, so you’ll notice that the ducks and fish are swapped. It didn’t really matter to much to me, though, as long as they were facing each other and each fish and duck were diagonal from the other one.



Once the blanket was sewn together, I did a simple single crochet edging, then did some scallops in yellow.


Next came the pillows. I was originally going to just do one pillow with a fish on one side and a duck on the other, but then I remembered that I had this round pillow I bought awhile ago and hadn’t used yet. So I turned it into a fish.



I didn’t write down a pattern for this fish pillow, but if you want to make a great fish pillow with lots of fun textures, go check out this fish pillow pattern by Accessorize This.

For the duck pillow, I added a few more rows all the way around to make it fit. I was going to do a duck on each side, but I really wanted it to have a front and a back. And I am still in love with this color combination on the back of the pillow.



My Moonpie loves the whole set. I kept showing him the blanket as I was working on it, and he would put the pieces on his head, or lay his head down on it and snuggle it. I wanted to get a good picture of him with the set, but they were doing some construction on the house next door so he was a bit distracted.


I hope this graph comes in handy for all of those duck or fish lovers out there. I would absolutely love to see how this looks as a C2C blanket, or how it looks with other colors or just ducks or fish, so if you use this graph, go post a photo to my Facebook page and show me how it turned out.

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