My Crochet Project Bible review


Last month, I ordered some things from Stationary Geek, and I was very pleased when my package arrived. My favorite part of it is this Crochet Project Bible. It’s a perfect place to keep track of all of the different projects I’m working on. Inside of the book, it has a conversions cheat sheet that is very useful. The next 2 pages will help you figure out typical sizes for hats, scarves, blankets, and throws, and will also help you figure out the abbreviations on most patterns. There’s even space inside to write up notes or doodles that you don’t want to lose.




The rest of the book is filled with pages to keep track of up to 50 projects. I often start projects, then set them aside to work on something more pressing. When I go back, I sometimes forget exactly what yarn I was using, or what hook I started the project with. If you’re making something from a book or website, you can even write down where the pattern is so you can go back and find it later. While this is very useful for projects that you’ve set aside, it’s also useful if it’s a project that you might want to make again.


I love the graph because it allows me to draw up any graphgans I’m working on, but it could also be used like regular lined-paper to write out a pattern. I’ve already got a couple of projects written in my bible.


They also have a knitting bible you can purchase, or just a general craft project bible, which I may have to purchase in the future. Also, one of my favorite things on their site are these honest gift tags:


They have these for crocheters, knitters, a combination of the two, or for sewing projects. I love these tags so much, I almost don’t want to give them away. Want to order some of these products or check out what else they have? Go visit their website and be sure to add them on Facebook to keep track of any new products they come out with.


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