April Favorite Finds

My main goal in starting this website was to be able to spend my free time creating patterns, which I love to do, and to be able to share them with people for free. But I always had plans to eventually make some kind of money off of this website, even if it was just enough to justify giving patterns away for free. Eventually, I’ll have ads displayed on here, but for now I set up an affiliate account on Amazon. What that means for me is, if you click on any of my affiliate links and order the product, I’ll get a small percentage of what you spend. It’s a win/win for both me and the people who utilize the patterns I post.

It also led to this: At the end of every month, I’m going to do a post that is completely about affiliate products. I see so many cool things on Amazon all the time, so this is a great way for me to share some of those finds with other crocheters, but also a way for me to possibly make some money.

So here are my favorite finds for April:


A lot of people use plastic yarn needles, but I’ve personally broken quite a few of those. I prefer metal ones, and these yarn needles are only $2.96 for the set of 6 when you purchase $25 of other products. It’s a great deal, and the different sizes are nice for working with different sizes of yarn.


This is also one of Amazon’s add-on items, which means you have to spend $25, but it’s only $4.19. I have one of these, and I love it. It’s magnetic, so the metal needles all stay in place. I never lose my needles now.


Do your hands hurt when you crochet? These ergonomic crochet hooks will help alleviate that pain, and the set of 12 hooks is only $19.99. I see a lot of sets like this, but I like that this set has both the letter and the size on the handles.

Yarn bowls are wonderful for keeping your ball of yarn in one place while you work. I’ve seen a lot of really neat ones, but I love this one because you can decorate it yourself. You can paint it to look however you want, and even add embellishments to it. It’s only $24.99 and this ceramic bowl comes ready to paint.


This is another neat thing I found for keeping your yarn in place while you work. This yarn dispenser has a rubberized bottom to hold it in place, and the yarn twirls while you work. It also has a 4-inch gauge ruler on the base, a stitch marker holder, and a slot to hold a pattern. Plus, it’s only $14.99.


Awhile back, I bought some alphabet foam floor mats for my grandson, thinking I would also use them sometimes for blocking things that I’ve crocheted. Now that I found these blocking mats, though, I think I’ll be purchasing them instead. They’re thicker than most blocking mats, so they’ll hold a project in place better, and the grid on them will help to get your project lined up straight so it’s blocked evenly. For $34.99, it comes with 9 interlocking boards, plus 30 t-pins and a reusable storage bag.


I’ve been crocheting since I was a teenager, but up until recently I had never used stitch markers before. When I needed to mark a row before, I would cut a piece of loose thread and loop it through. While you can certainly do that to mark places in your project, it’s sooooo much easier using stitch markers. They can be easily put in and taken out without much interruption, and I love the bright colors. I had a small set of 10 stitch markers that I’ve been using, but I just purchased this set of 104 stitch markers, and I love the container that keeps the colors separated. For only $6.99, it also comes with a set of 3 locking stitch holders.


I thought these stitch markers were really cool for bigger projects, where you need to keep track of the number of rows. This set of 4 counter stitch markers is only $7.98.


I purchased this crochet hook organizer back in March, and I absolutely love it. It has room for every hook size that I would need, plus room for a lot of other accessories, like my needle nest, stitch markers, measuring tape, embroidery thread, etc. It’s only $11.99 on Amazon, and I love anything with polka-dots.


I’m the most excited about this bag. I ordered it on Friday, and it was delivered today. I have a lot of bags that I use for crochet projects, but this one is definitely my favorite. Inside there’s room for 6 skeins of yarn, with holes on the top to pull the yarn through so I can keep it closed while I work, plus there’s extra space to store my project in there when I’m not working on it. I love that it also has room for hooks and accessories, and I especially love that the polka-dots match the pattern on the case that I have, which fits great in the side pocket. For $39.99, this bag is perfect if you tend to crochet in different places throughout your house, or if you want to take your project with you to the park or beach this summer.


If you have a favorite chair that you usually sit in to crochet, then this storage caddy would be perfect nestled up next to it. For $29.99, it includes a pouch that can hold crochet hooks or knitting needles. The pouch can be rolled up to take with you, or it can be snapped onto the caddy for easy accessibility. And the whole thing folds flat to store it when you’re not using it.

Those are my favorite things that I found in April. Do you have some favorite products that you’ve ordered from Amazon? Drop me a message on my Facebook page and tell me about them. I love hearing about new products, and I might use them in my next favorite finds post. And if you saw anything you like on here, by sure to use my links to order them, and help me keep posting my patterns for free.

Happy crocheting!!

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