Valentine Roundup


Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. I found 14 fairly quick (and free!) Valentine patterns for anybody who wants to hand make some things for the holidays. Just click on the links to go check out these wonderful patterns.


  1. Here’s a simple pattern for some heart appliques. These would be cute strung up as garlands, or you could make a bunch of them and let your kids glue them onto cards to make their own Valentines.


2. The pop heart pattern is so unique because the heart actually has 2 different sized cups and a pointy end. It’s a neat take on a plus heart, and could be given on its own as a gift, or sewn into the arms of a stuffed animal.


3. These heart-shaped baskets are made with t-shirt yarn, but I’m sure they could be made with any type of yarn and would turn out just as cute. They would make great decor for Valentine’s Day, or just put them around your house all year to hold little odds and ends.


4. These daisy dum-dums are one of my favorite ideas for Valentine’s Day. My kids aren’t little anymore, but I would have loved making these for their classmates. Since dum-dums are fairly cheap, and these could be made with scraps of yarn, it’s an inexpensive way to make sure your kid’s Valentines stand out this year.


5. Here’s another cute idea. This heart envelope would be great for those special Valentines. Stick a note inside, or maybe a treat or two, and hand them out to those you love.


6. These cute mini treat bags wouldn’t take much time to make, and will hold all of those Valentine treats. You could even stuff a little note or card inside of them.


7. Want something special to wear on Valentine’s Day? The Puppy Love Heart Slouchy Hat is one of my favorite patterns. It would be great to wear all winter, but especially during February.


8. This sweetheart lace scarf is so pretty and elegant. I think it would also make a great table runner to set up for a romantic night in.

heart graph women crochet slippers

9. These heart and sole slippers look so warm and cozy. They would make a great gift for somebody special, or crochet up a pair to wear while you sit and work on other projects.


10. This plush Hershey kiss is so adorable. It looks like it would work up pretty quickly, and wouldn’t take much yarn to make.


11. This funny bunny pattern is so cute. It would be great for any time of the year, especially if you just change up some of the colors.


12. This Valentine heart owl looks so soft and squishy. I love blanket yarn because it makes such nice stuffies, but I also have a things for owls. The hearts make him extra cute.

new heart

13. Miss Lovey looks so fun and cute. I can picture my grandkids hugging her and throwing her around.


14. Want to make a love bug for your love bug? This pattern is quick and easy and is free on Ravelry.

I hope you found something fun to make for Valentine’s Day! I know there are a couple of patterns on here that I’m adding to my “to do” list. If you find any other fun Valentine’s Day patterns, go leave a link on my Facebook page so I can check it out!


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