12 Free Birthday Crochet Patterns

In honor of my birthday this month, I’m doing all kinds of birthday-ey (that’s my new word) things on my Facebook page, including giveaways and fun patterns. I decided I needed a roundup of other fun things you can make for a birthday, so I scoured the internet (ie. Pinterest) and found 12 of my favorite things to share with you.


  1. Wouldn’t these cute little balloons make a great centerpiece on a table? You can find this pattern over on Planet June and it’s free, although she does have a button to donate if you can.
  2. Twinkie Chan makes such adorable food accessories, and these swirly cupcake hair clips would be perfect for the birthday girl. They’re so adorable, why not make one for each person at the party to wear?
  3. Have you seen these crochet water balloons by Left in Knots? What a fun birthday party activity, and you don’t have to worry about cleaning up all of those messy little balloon pieces afterward.
  4. Rock n Roll Bride has this great pattern and tutorial that Twinkie Chan did for this cupcake garland. I think this would be really cute above a table at a party, but I also kind of just want to make some to string around my bedroom.
  5. Want to make some party hats for people to wear? Mamachee has this free pattern, and I think these would be adorable.
  6. Who wouldn’t want to carry around this awesome cupcake purse? Mary Maxim has the pattern free on her blog. I think these would be great for any time of the year.
  7. I’m in love with this cupcake pincushion by Esshaych. Let’s face it, I’m in love with any cupcake, but this one is particularly cute.
  8. Everybody needs a crown to wear on their birthday (or any other day). This free pattern by IraRott works up quickly and doesn’t take much yarn to make.
  9. Want to make a birthday banner to hang on the wall? This free pattern by Flushed With Rosy Colour is really cute.
  10. Petals to Picots has this free pattern to make some balloon appliques, which you could use to decorate a card, or even put on a blanket or hat.
  11. How about a slice of yummy cake? Repeat Crafter Me has the free pattern for this cake on her website.
  12. And one last one from Twinkie Chan because she really does make cute food items. This cake tissue box cozy looks good enough to eat. I wouldn’t suggest that, though.

So here are a few ideas of things you can make for an upcoming birthday. Oh, and don’t forget my Smiling Birthday Cake.


Have you found any other cute birthday patterns? Go share them with me on my Facebook page!

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