November Favorite Finds

Christmas is coming. If you’re like me, you spend a lot of time shopping for other people and don’t really think about things that you would like for Christmas. I’ve found some pattern books (and a few other things) that any crocheter would love to have for Christmas. So check these out. Maybe purchase some for a friend of yours or for yourself. Or just pass the link on to your loved ones so they know exactly what to get for you.

(Also, by ordering through these affiliate links you help me earn some revenue from this page so I can keep posting my patterns for free.)


These books by Kerry Lord are so fun. The first one is Edward’s Crochet Imaginarium. You flip through the 3 sections to put together a monster. The possibilities are almost endless with them, and you can make some really unique gifts this way.


Monsters not your thing? Kerry Lord also has Edward’s Crochet Doll Emporium, which is done the same way. Mix and match patterns to design the perfect doll. I really love this idea.


This last book by Kerry Lord is full of adorable animals. Edward’s Menagerie has over 40 toy animals to make, and I love the classic look to all of them.


The Big Book of Little Amigurami is full of cute little things you can make. I love the little fruits and the mushrooms!


Huggable Amigurami is one of my favorites, and it’s definitely on my wish list. There are some really cute animals in this one.


Want to make a circus full of animals? Amigurami Circus is full of patterns from different designers. I don’t have this book, but I have quite a few of their other books that they’ve put out, and I love them.


Want to make some fairy tale characters? Once Upon a Time…in Crochet has 30 different characters from popular fairy tales. It also has good techniques for making different stuffies.


The dolls in Huggy Dolls 2 are so adorable. I love stripes on dolls, and there’s even a mermaid in here.


My Crochet Doll has a great pattern for a doll that you can customize to look the way you want it to, and a whole lot of clothing you can make to go with that doll. There are so many possibilities in this book for different characters you could make, or you could make 1 doll with a lot of different outfits for a child to dress up and play with.


I don’t know why the idea of crocheted foods appeals to me so much, but the items in Ice Box Crochet are really cute. This book includes the pattern for the fridge that you can fill with all of the food that you make.

Do you make things for craft fairs? Both of these books, Potholders & Dishcloths and A Year of Dishcloths, would be perfect for things you can whip up and sell. I think the themed ones would especially be a big hit at those craft fairs.


Mollie Makes Crochet has patterns for crocheted home decor, which has become really popular the last few years. I love the Mollie Makes magazines, so full of neat DIY projects, so I was thrilled to see that they put out a book full of crochet.

That’s all for the books, but I wanted to include a few of my favorite things in this post.

This is one of my favorite crochet hook organizers. I have this one, and it sits right next to my bed and holds all of my hooks, my needles, my embroidery floss, etc. It’s such a good quality, and the price is amazing.

This crochet organizer bag is another one of my favorites that I’ve purchased. It has so much space to hold everything you need for the project you’re working on, which is great if you tend to take projects with you when you go places. It’s also great to keep next to you when you work on your project at home because you can simply close it up and keep it all together. Plus, this design matches my crochet hook organizer.


This yarn dispenser is great for keeping your skeins from rolling around (and onto the floor) while you crochet. Yarn bowls are so popular right now, and you can find them all over the place. Personally, I find those work best for center-pull skeins, and sometimes you just can’t find that center piece to pull it. This would work much better for me since I don’t even bother trying to pull from the center if the piece isn’t easy to see.


And lastly, this pack of 9 blocking mats is exactly what you need to get those projects laying flat when they’re wanting to curl. With the 9 blocks, you can increase your surface area for big projects.

That’s it for my November Favorite Finds. Be sure to pass these links on to anybody wanting to shop for you. I hope you find a few of these under your tree this year!


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