Unicorn Ornaments


Over a year ago, I bought a bunch of these plastic ornaments with the intention of doing something with them. They sat here in a bag, along with a lot of other craft things that I buy and never do anything with, until I found them a couple of weeks ago. I decided it was time to do something with them.

Since my niece was about to have a unicorn birthday party, and I’ve always been a big fan of unicorns, it made sense for me to turn these ornaments into something for her. I went to Pinterest to get an idea of what I needed to do.

There are a lot of different tutorials that will help you make ornaments like these. I read through a few different ones, but in the end I found this tutorial from Hello, Wonderful was the most useful. Go check out that page to get a more step-by-step tutorial on how to make your own ornaments. Here are the ones I made.


The biggest thing for me was how to get the glitter to stick inside of the ornaments. I was surprised at the product that was recommended from a few different sites.


Pledge Floor Care seems to work the best, although I really have no idea why. Just squirt it in the top of the ornaments, shake it around to completely cover the inside, then dump out any excess. Pour your glitter in, shake it around to cover, and pour out any extra glitter. It sticks in there perfectly, and they turned out so pretty. I used extra fine glitter for my ornament.


I always have polymer clay around here, which I used to make the horns. I picked up some little ribbon roses to hot glue on the top, and made ears out of felt. Then I used a sharpie to draw on the eyes.




I was pretty happy with how my unicorn turned out. I had 2 of these bigger ornaments, so I decided to turn the other one into a narwhal for my boyfriend.


I used a courser glitter for his, and made felt flippers instead of ears. Then I just cut some pieces off of a flower arrangement I have here and glued them on his head to look like seaweed.



Once I had these finished, I decided to set to work making the ones for my niece. I had a box of 6 of the smaller ornaments, so I was thinking I’d turn them each into a unicorn that she could hang around her bedroom. Then I remembered an owl mobile that I made for another niece years ago, and I knew I still had some metal hoops around here somewhere.


I picked up some split rings to use to hang the mobile, then grabbed some ribbon and yarn. My niece’s favorite colors are pink and purple, so I used those colors to create her unicorn mobile.


I like it so much that I may have to make another one to hang in my bedroom. These were a fun project that really didn’t take much time to make. Next Christmas, I’ll definitely be stocking up on these ornaments to make some other things now that I know how to get the glitter to stick. I’m thinking some cute snowmen would be fun. What else would you make with ornaments like this? If you have other ideas, leave me a comment here or go post about it on my Facebook page.

4 thoughts on “Unicorn Ornaments

  1. Oh, wow the mobile turned out amazing!!! You are going to be the favorite aunt! (But I guess you already are. 😀 )

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